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“I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Laura Kessler.  Before working with Laura, I had trouble projecting my voice and to be honest, I didn’t really like the sound of my voice whenever I heard it on recordings.  This was a huge concern for me because I do a lot of public speaking and I record a ton of content in my business.

Working with Laura was amazing!  I was surprised at how effective her techniques are and how quickly my voice and overall speech improved.  After working with Laura, I am able to project my voice well without yelling, my pacing is natural but more effective, and I have practically eliminated the high-pitch voice crack that I hated.  But the best part is that I am able to speak with the confidence and the authority to match the powerful message and big mission that I have to share with the world! Thanks, Laura!”

-Tiffany deSilva

CEO of BrightFire Women’s Business Network


“Laura Kessler is a wonderful person, skillful teacher and a talented artist. Laura helped me in my accent reduction training, which made a great difference in my life. Her delicate but firm manner of presenting the information makes classes interesting and fruitful. Laura was able to point out specific problems I had with my speech and tailored the course of my study according to my personal needs. She gives not only theoretical, but also practical pieces of advice which are unique, and I know I will be able to use them throughout my professional career.”

 -Irene Kapustina, Actress


“I met Laura at a professional conference in Tucson last fall and have been working with her since the beginning of 2012 on my Speaking skills, Vocal improvement and Presentation skills. Laura is AMAZING!  On March 31st I gave an extended talk at a huge event on the east coast to a multi-lingual crowd of almost 200 people and rocked the house!  The success of my presentation was solely due to the incredible coaching I received from Laura, and I can’t count or list how many compliments I got on my delivery, diction, presence and command of the situation. This is really important to note as I’m actually vocally handicapped only having one working vocal chord, and have had numerous recurring voice issues for many years.  

Through her vocal coaching, Laura has provided me with tools that have increased my professional confidence exponentially, and I’m continuing to reap those benefits.

If you’re looking to improve your speaking skills, confidence and abilities for any event, any type of talk, or just your communication skills in general, do contact Laura IMMEDIATELY and let her work her magic with you.  The investment you make will reap immediate and long term rewards. Thanks Laura!”

-Peter Klein

Empower Your Brilliance


“Laura Kessler is an absolute expert at identifying and improving the needs for each individual, business owner, entrepreneur, executive in their execution of their speech and breathing techniques.  It is a pleasure to have gone through her programs and I’ve seen huge improvement in myself in just one session!  The techniques and information I have learned from Laura is something that will benefit me for a lifetime.”

-Sam Pham, Web Designer


“The work I did with Laura has helped to improve every facet of my business communication and image. She is top notch.”

–M.A., Dept. of Agriculture


“This was better than a Climate Control Survey.”

–Air Force Commander, 
United States Air Force


“Ms. Kessler was more than an excellent teacher. She became a mentor and friend.”

–V.M., Accountant, South America
Accent Reduction Client