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Handouts for Sneak Preview Visibility/Calendar workshop:


Overview – Visibility Breakthrough Method

The Four I’s of Influence    PDFCLI EXTENDED Compass #2-The Four I’s of Influence


Phase 1 – Vision & Mindset

Old You/New You   PDFVLC 1-Old You: New You

Intro-Priority-Quota-Theme    PDFVLC-2-Intro-Priority-Quota


Phase 2 – Inventory & Core Values

Pyramid of Work Life Balance   PDFVLC 3-Pyramid of Work Life Balance 3 pgs

Personal Status Check   PDFVLC 4- Personal Status Check


Phase 3 – Visibility / Launch Calendar Planning

Example Visibility Calendar   PDFVLC 5- Example Visibility Launch Calendar

Blank Visibility Calendar    PDFVLC 6- Blank Visibility Launch Calendar

Analysis/Sample Launch  PDFVLC 7-Analysis:Sample Launch calendars

12-month calendar 12-page  PDFVLC 8- 12 month calendar 12 pgs


and optional…

Bonuses for Sneak Preview attendees

Visibility Investment Analysis Worksheets   PDF CLI VISIBILITY INVESTMENT ANALYSIS

2013 Year-at-a-Glance   PDF CLI 2013-At-a-Glance VISIBILITY:LAUNCH CALENDAR