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December 2013 Holiday Sale price list

(extended for a limited time!!)

Orientation Session: (may be bypassed if purchasing a package)

$250 for 90-120 minutes Diagnostic and 1st Coaching Training Session

Ala carte single-day Laser session intensives: (live or virtual)

One hour $250
90 minutes $350
Two hours $450
VIP 1-Day Boot Camp (approximately 5-6 hours, lunch included) $1250
VIP Laser package (VIP day + three hours follow-up)  $1997


Short-term Holiday packages: ( 1-2 months)

3 hour Laser package $697
10 hour Laser package $2220


Platinum Premium packages on sale 15% off for a limited time*

16 hour Nano-Platinum package (1 to 4 months –reg. $3,997) –SALE $3,397

20 hour Nano-Platinum package (1 to 4 months –reg. $4,997) –SALE $4,246

25 hour Mid-Platinum package (2 to 6 months –reg. 5,997) –SALE $5,100

30 hour Mid-Platinum package (2 to 7 months –reg. $6,927) –SALE $5,880

40 hour Platinum Classic package (3 to 9 months –reg. $8,497) –SALE $7,222

80 hour Annual Retainer (12 to 18 months  apx)  — $11,995 

100 hour Annual retainer (12 to 18 months apx.)  — $13,997


* Full pay discount

**Budgeted payment plans available

***Approximate suggested durations. You may discuss taking longer if needed to accommodate greater scheduling flexibility.


Professional MP3 recordings of all classes are available for Virtual sessions, and can be provided free of charge upon request.

Most packages are usually tax deductible as professional development or continuing education. 

In certain cases, CEUs and university credits may also be successfully obtained.

Platinum Packages may be shared with fellow employees or family members.


Do you need a different arrangement not provided above?

Please call for customized quotes, onsite / travel requests,

media and speaking engagements.


We respectfully support our WOUNDED WARRIORS returning to the civilian workforce.