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Your Own Private 60-minute Voice and Speech Analysis:

Pitch, Diction, Image, Body Language & more…



 Laura will personally walk you through her favorite professional exercise routine for broadcasters, speakers, and actors, and you will also receive a professional MP3 recording of your session to refer back to and rehearse with in the privacy of your home, office or on the go on your  mobile device.


Select the areas you would like assessed and Laura will provide you with a personal

Quick Tips Summary:

  • General communication skills & stage presence
  • Vocal hoarseness (Do you get sore throats from speaking a full day?)
  • Pitch modification (Do you speak too high, too low, monotone?)
  • Accent reduction (Reduce, eliminate, or full-assimilate)
  • Stage fright /physical issues  (Is your nervous system working with you or against you?)
  • Professional Image  (Do you need to sound and appear more “executive?”  Older?  Younger?  Louder/softer?  More confident?)



  • Have a speaking role model in mind (TV anchor, celebrity, politician, etc, anyone we both know) 
  • Laura teaches dead-on impersonations to actors and comedians, so this is another fun way to do the same work many people enjoy!



You will also qualify for special savings if you decide to work further with Laura.

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If you would like to schedule your private 60-minute Speech & Body Language Analysis, please contact Laura Kessler at (773) 381-5800