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Laura Kessler, M.M., CPC

Master Speech & Performance Coach



…while maintaining INTEGRITY with yourself and others. 


(Live + Virtual)




Professional Speech and Image Coaching for Executives, Salespeople, Actors, Attorneys & Public Speakers


-Strategic Listening, Conversation and Presentation Skills
-Power Body Language for Credibility and Approachability
-Interview Coaching for Job seekers
-Accent Reduction for International and regional accents
-Assertiveness and Confidence Training
-Networking Skills for Introverts (& Extroverts)
-Storytelling Techniques & Advanced Audience Analysis Strategies
-Voice Modification and Image Re-branding
-Media Training for Book Tours and Crisis Communications
-Master Techniques to Conquer Stage Fright
-Dialogue Coaching for Actors / Character Dialects
-Voiceover Training and Career Coaching
-International Cultural Assimilation


Develop your NATURAL Charisma and Persuasive Communication — with integrity and authenticity.


Learn to improve your visual and vocal image to enhance executive stature and build vocal presence, personal rapport, and public relations/success potential.


Feel more comfortable speaking up in meetings, talking to superiors and clients, negotiating transactions, and all situations that require confidence and poise.


I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with a B.A. in Organizational Communication and an M.M. in Music and Performing Arts. With over 20 years teaching experience in 35 countries, I am a specialist in voices and comprehensive career image and performance development.




By combining my backgrounds in the business, marketing and corporate worlds with professional theater, music and comedy, the private and group classes I teach provide an engaging approach more entertaining than traditional speech pathology, yet more substantive than theater dialect coaching alone. This unique and diverse approach has successfully served corporate CEOs, attorneys, Hollywood actors, Second City comedy improvisers, International leaders, politicians, and executives, real estate agents and commission-based sales professionals, job-seekers and individuals of all industries.


Private coaching sessions take place in a comfortable one-on-one environment live in person or virtually through GoToMeeting/Skype. Both personal and corporate packages are available in many configurations including short and long-term intensives to accommodate busy irregular schedules for those who travel regularly. Group workshops may be customized upon request. Please contact me to discuss your needs and determine if my services are a good fit for you or your organization.


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Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Visible. Be Powerful.


Download or view the brochure for Speech Coaching Bootcamp here.